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Clyde and Son’s Tree Service
Tree trimming, tree removal, yard maintenance.
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5802 E 34th Street
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When professionally removing a fallen tree, Clyde and Sons Tree Service is quick, cost efficient and safe. The most common trees that are blown over in storms are dead ones, like this 100 ft Italian Cypress. Resting against an over 100 year old home, Clyde and Sons Tree Service begins the tree removal by trimming off the branches. Once the tree trimmer has access to the top of the fallen tree, he cuts the overhanging, 80 ft tree into sizable sections and lowers each piece with a drop line, to prevent any additional damage to the property. Fallen trees are surprisingly heavy and if not removed properly it can cause additional damage to the structure, the property and even the neighbor’s property. Once the tree is removed from the structure, the stump is removed completely and the ground is leveled out as if the tree was never there.

In just a few hours, the horrible eye sore has been taken out of the picture.

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