Clyde and Son's Tree Service

All trees are done with a custom and professional look.

Eucalyptus grow very large and the best way to top an Eucalyptus is what is called “lateral topping”, which means cutting larger branches down to smaller shoots, that is a branch protruding upwards. Clyde and Son’s perfected lateral topping of Eucalyptus trees to prevent shoots from growing at an improper cut. When a branch is cut straight across a number of shoots will grow at the ridge of the cut into 30′ to 40′ branches. Besides it bad appearance, the branches grow so heavy that they break off from the original cut. If an Eucalyptus tree has already been topped improperly with a straight cut or round cut, then the tree needs to be corrected below the bad cut with the lateral topping technique.

Eucalyptus can also be dangerous. In order to make a Eucalyptus tree safe, the weight of the branches needs to be thinned out, allowing the wind to go through the tree easily. Without corrective thinning tree branches may form what is called a sail, causing it to blow over.

Clyde and Son’s top Mulberry and China Berry trees annually to help them grow properly and maintain strength. Trimmed with a round cut technique will create a fuller and umbrella like shape in the spring for these types of trees.

Mesquite trees have a desert beauty and can enhance the look or your property when maintained properly, but when left to themselves Mesquites can have a bushy appearance. A specialty for Clyde and Son’s, Mesquite corrective cutting is an art. The appearance of a tree can transform for the better as each branch takes on its own identity, appearing stronger and longer then before. Corrective cutting prolongs the life of the tree and allows it to become more far reaching. It’s a known fact that Clyde’s boys grew up trimming Mesquites and there are none better.

Sometimes tree removal is the best thing. When a tree is mostly dead, damaged by a storm, loss of appearance or if its roots are damaging pipes or structures, it can timely and efficiently be removed by Clyde and Sons. No tree too big or small!
Free estimates for tree trimming are provided in Pima County, Tucson, Green Valley, Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, Vail, Pinal County, Cochise County and in Sierra Vista.


Monsoon Season Preparation

Before the season begins
The Monsoon Season typically spans from mid-June through September and with winds, heavy rain and lighting many trees are up rooted and damaged.

Trimming your trees is the best prevention from broken branches or even the entire tree from being blown over and damaging property. Thinning out trees by removing dead weight and over growth allows the wind to blow through the branches. This corrective cutting enables trees to withstand a greater amount of pressure by reducing the amount of weight it supports. It’s also a good idea to remove tree branches directly over your roof and trees less than 5 feet from your home.

Corrective cutting and thinning can beautify and save your trees from damage, as well as save you thousands of dollars in property damage.

During the season
If a tree is blown over or a large branch has landed or is resting on your roof it is good to remove it as soon as possible. Prolonged weight can continue to damage the structure. Clyde and Son’s emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.